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  • With some animations, rare instances might occur where there will be no sound.
  • Music that is available in the game at the moment is not final but more of a placeholder, it will replaced for the final version of the game.
  • In some cutscenes, there might be no sound at all and only voiceovers can be heard. SFX is worked on daily.


  • We are aware that not all mechanics are introduced and we are working towards extending the tutorial as we see fit
  • Weapon usage either range or melee is similar however we are aware that there is a lot less range explanation however if players find them difficult to understand we will for sure enhance this part of the tutorial
  • Limited time for the tutorial hints has been also acknowledged and it will be revisited eventually
  • At some point, during Early Access we are planning to implement a feature that will allow players to check tutorials from the menu or pop-ups


  • We are aware that in some cases camera movement may not show all important information on the battlefield. This is mostly a balance between camera pace and dynamic combat to be made and we work on it daily.
  • New & different camera shots are in development.
    Sometimes the finisher camera is obstructed and we will work on this feature further.
    If clipping occurs in some segments of some maps it will be addressed.


  • The balance of abilities and combat is not yet final and we working on it daily.
  • As the player progresses through the campaign the game becomes more challenging so the first levels may feel like they are too easy.
  • Feeling or ranged abilities underperforming is made by purpose to encourage the Player to use melee attack and leave ranged attack for special occasions. Bullets can also be found over the maps in chests so exploration is also an option
  • The party system is a feature that is in the alpha stage and we are diligently working on that system so it will be clearer for players
  • We are working on good gratification for boosting companions and keeping insanity low in the future patches so the ability “Show Mercy” will have more usage other than lowering the insanity level.
  • We are still working on Consumables usage.


  • New animations & improvements are being made daily so circle back if you found that a scene looked weird earlier.
  • New VFX are constantly in development so expect some weirdness but also improvements as we go.
  • Some lighting issues on maps might depend on your monitor settings.
  • Lighting improvements are constantly made as well.


  • There are many mechanics in-game that are not visible to players, and we will try to explain as many as we can.
  • We are aware that some mechanics that are visible to players are not described well enough and we will adjust the descriptions.


  • We are working on making the selected character indicated better
  • Ambush and overwatch graphics / UI are in development
  • Some markers of the objective for each mission might be hard to see which is why the
  • Objectives Panel has a magnifying glass that allows it to show the target. We are aware that it should be part of the Tutorial.


  • The player can only see at a specific distance, if the player returns from visited areas, then so will Fog of War. This is by design and open to feedback.
  • We have different models of enemy AI. The repeating model is intended to make it easier for the player to recognize certain enemies.
  • We are still working on the economics of the game. Right now we have finished implementing the first iteration. We will collect feedback and improve it, with each subsequent iteration, it should be more refined.


  • The fates of Anton and Prince Nicolai are interconnected, but their intersections intensify later in the story so early in the game it might not be that obvious.
  • Time is not constant in BEAST as we jump around between flashbacks and present time due to Anton’s memories and what we know today as PTSD.


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